Temple of Clearing

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This Soundtrack will – Balance and clear the 7 chakras. – Clear the 7 bodies, attached to the chakras. – Clear the pineal gland and 4 other centres in and around the head. (Preparing body for clairvoyance). – Clear different spots on the throat chakra + around ears. (Preparing body for clairaudience). – Clear heart chakra (Preparing body for clairsentience). So what the soundtrack does is that it clears and prepares the body in the pace the body can handle. This music soundtrack comes as a MP3 download (21.1 mb – high quality mp3 format)

What is SoundWeave?

Soundweave explained by Ole Gabrielsen: “Between 2000 I created 4 successful healing and meditation CD’s with the method I call SoundWeave. It is a very special and unique method of infusing energy into sounds and it can be used for purposes such as healing and meditation. Like some other methods (ex. “Binaural beats”), SoundWeave can induce altered states and deep relaxation, but purely with the use of energy. The sounds used are merely carriers of the energy. The soundtrack on this page is a further development and perfection of this method. Blessings Ole”

Created by world renowned Ole Gabrielsen

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