Tacyon III course with extra bonuses

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A Tachyon (also called Tacyon by Ole) antenna is an item that has been permanently altered on a sub-molecular level, so that it acts as a receiver and transmitter of Tachyon, which then will convert itself into life force (also called prana, love of God, Tachyon, chi etc.). Life force is the foundation for everything. It's highly intelligent and will automatically convert to the specific energy needed in the body.
You can create different types Tachyon antennas.
All-round Tachyon antennas are suitable for water, oil and everything to wear, like
wristbands, headbands, wraps etc.
The LifeNugget is an All-round Tachyon antenna! Also suitable for sheets, sleep pads and cell phone filters. One-Side Tachyon antennas are suitable for making a "Tachyon disc" (see coursenotes).
One-Side Laser Tachyon antennas are suitable for making chakra stones. This is the most concentrated antenna.
You can view the different antennas in the course notes. In this course you will learn how you can use glass stones as specific antennas; one site is flat, and the other oval.... and much much more

This course contains:

  • Tacyon III -coursenotes (PDF)
  • Tachyon2009 (PDF) *Bonus*
  • backlifenugget[1] (PDF) *Bonus*
  • frontlifenugget[1] (PDF) *Bonus*
  • foldinginstructions (PDF) *Bonus*
  • TacyonIII - AudioEmpowerment
    (MP3 audio - the base-empowerment itself - the first to be listened to)
  • Tacyon Booster - AudioBooster *Bonus*
    (MP3 audio - boost your own Tacyon energies)
  • Tacyon Empowerment Enhancer *Bonus*
    (MP3 audio to enhance your attunements when given to others)