Orb of Life via distance method- with Certificate and manual

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What is the Orb of Life?
The Orb of Life is an etheric energy ball with the size of a soccer ball. It consists of very concentrated, high frequency life force. The orb is not a physical object but made of pure energy. It acts as an antenna for life force and keeps on producing it.

What can it do?
Provide you with high frequency life force 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Charge water and other items. Automatically protect you from negative energies, EMF and psychic attacks. Help you to clear blocks. Help you in healing sessions, both distance and hands on.

What will I receive?
You will receive your own personal Orb of Life, which will last for a lifetime, as it will never wear out. If you like, it will always follow you wherever you go. You will also receive instruction on how to make you own Orbs!

The Orb of Life
A spiritual gift for Healing & Development Original notes by Ole Gabrielsen

The Orb of Life is not an attunement or physical object – it is a gift of high frequency spiritual energy that is concentrated into an energy sphere and is then passed from one person to another. It is a wonderful and simple way of using and sharing universal life force energy which can enhance your life and spiritual development.
You do not have to be a practicing healer or be attuned to any system of energy healing to work with the orb of life, but it can enhance any other system that you may work with.

It can be used for:
Healing yourself, animals, and others
Cleansing your aura and chakras
Providing protection on an energetic level
Enhancing your meditative experiences
Charging water/crystals, etc., with spiritual energy
Clearing negative energy from your environment
Sending healing to a situation
Sending distant healing to a person or Psychic self defense

After you have worked with your Orb for a time, you will no doubt develop other ways of working with it. For instance grounding after meditation and to aid relaxation. The Orb of Life is wonderful & versatile.
The Orb of Life will remain with you all the time and not diminish or fade with time. You may also create more orbs for yourself or to share with others.
The Orb acts a perpetual "antenna" for high frequency vibrational Life Force Energy and will continue to maintain itself and provide it's healing & protective effect with no further intervention from you. However, you may wish to to use the Orb to help you with various things and can do this simply by instructing it with your requirements and wishes

You will receive a distance attunement by an experienced master, a how to manual and a PDF-Certificate (via email) and support via email. 

NOTE: NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PRODUCT/SERVICE PROVIDED IN THIS EMPOWERMENT COURSE, that cannot be returned. So be absolutely sure before you buy this course/service!
We spend a lot of our time preparing and giving the empowerment and that is the second reason.