Full Spectrum Healing - downloadable mp3 Audio attunement

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Full Spectrum Healing (FSH) consists of all frequencies and is therefore able to heal on all levels. Reiki will "only" reach the green spectre (Green Ray). Imagine a rainbow: The green area is Reiki and the whole rainbow is Full Spectrum Healing. Therefore, where Reiki sometimes fail to heal, FSH will have a much higher success rate! Will also raise the success level for self-healing.

  • Learn a method to clear your past
  • Find out how to make your energy-healing more powerful
  • Use distance healing
  • Receive 1 empowerment & learn how to pass it on.

Download and listen to these audios.

MP3-Audio empowerment and PDF-course notes.

BONUS if you purchase today:

  1. FullSpectrum Healing Booster
    - when you want to multiply your ability 400%
  2. FullSpectrum Healing Empowerment Enhancer
    - to listen to when you attune others