COLLECTION of 48 different Audio Attunements - MEGA PACKAGE

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48 downloadable Audio Attunements created by Ole Gabrielsen - MEGA PACKAGE:

Important:These Audio Attunements are for your personal use only. Your purchase does not include re-sale rights. You may not resell, share nor distribute these files to any third party. However, you are free to pass on the attunement to others, directly in-person or via distance attunement.

For more information, browse the Original Audio Attuning Catalog, you can download it here.

The total file size is 248MB, so we recommend a fast internet connection!
Needs to be unzipped on Mac or PC. After that just export the attunement files to Iphone/Android phone and/or MP3-player or play them with any software that plays MP3 files (eg. Itunes, Windows Media Player...)

1. Kundalini Reiki I 2017
2. Kundalini Reiki II 2017
3. Kundalini Reiki III 2017 (Kundalini Reiki Master)
4. Prana 2017 (Formerly named Tachyon)
5. Prana Source 2017
6. Full Spectrum Light 2017
7. The Great Central Sun 2017
8. 7 Chakra Source 2017
9. Kumara Reiki 2017
10. Kumara Kundalini Reiki 2017 (2 attunements in one)
11. Kundalini Reiki Source 2017
12. 7 Colours 2017
13. The 7 Planet Attunements - Mars 2017 Attunement
14. The 7 Planet Attunements - Sun 2017 Attunement
15. The 7 Planet Attunements - Mercury 2017 Attunement
16. The 7 Planet Attunements - Moon 2017 Attunement
17. The 7 Planet Attunements - Saturn 2017 Attunement
18. The 7 Planet Attunements - Jupter 2017 Attunement
19. The 7 Planet Attunements - Venus 2017 Attunement
20. Schumann Resonance 2017
21. Emerald Essence 2017
22. The Golden Light 2017
23. Water Elemental 2017
24. The Love Light 2017
25. Violet Flame 2017
26. Pulse Reiki 2017
27. White Light 2017
28. White Light Source 2017
29. The Great Central Sun Source 2017
30. Oxygen 2017 Attunement
31. Magenta 2017 Attunement
32. Water Elemental Source 2017
33. Amethyst Essence 2017
34. Rose Quartz 2017 Essence
35. Unakite Essence 2017
36. Citrine Essence 2017
37. Red Jasper Essence 2017
38. Rhodonite Essence 2017
39. Strawberry Quartz Essence 2017
40. Jade Essence 2017
41. Carneol Essence 2017
42. Clear Quartz Essence 2017
43. Sodalite Essence 2017
44. 7 Colours Source 2017
45. Emerald Essence Source 2017
46. The Golden Light Source 2017
47. Magenta Source 2017
48. Amethyst Essence Source 2017

Manuals & Training Info
How to use the energies

The attunements can be used as Reiki. Example to use the Rose Quartz energy as hands on healing, just think "Rose Quartz" instead of Reiki to start the energy flow. You can also use them to create energy tools, like those described in the Prana manual. Here you would just replace the word "Prana" with the appropriate energy, example "Rose Quartz". Additionally it is possible to pass these attunements on, as you would pass on Kundalini Reiki, Prana or any of the other attunements. (I recommend having completed at least Prana and Kundalini Reiki 1 before taking one of these attunements to get the full benefit, but it's though not a requirement.)

We do not create nor have received manuals for these systems in this package from Ole, but please use these older notes as inspiration:
Kundalini Reiki 1, Kundalini Reiki 2, Kundalini Reiki 3, Prana, Prana Source, 7 Colours, Ethereal Flowers 1, Etehreal Flowers 2 - (provided to you in this course).

You will find these original files in the folder called

Q: Can anyone learn to heal?
A: Anyone open to healing can learn it.
Q: Will I feel the energy?
A: Mostly students feel the effects of either the self-attunement or when performing healing sessions. It is of course an advantage if you are somehow sensitive to energy. I have had students who had never had any attunements or energy experience who felt the energy very well the first time.
Q: What will energy feel like?
A: It can be felt like warmth, a light breeze, buzzing in hands and/or in the body, tingling sensations in hands, feeling very serene, peaceful etc.
Q:What should I expect from an attunement and how do I receive it?
A: The best thing to do is not to expect anything. Just sit or lay down and receive the attunement by following the instructions you have received.
Q: To charge or not to charge money for performing healings and
A: I do not believe that energy has a price and that is why I do not believe that we can charge for energy. However we can charge for the TIME we use. You use a lot of your own energy in this process, which you then have to replenish with food, for example. What people pay you for is for your time and experience. Time in preparing the attunement, sending the attunement, writing emails, support after
the attunement etc. In the end it's up to you, but personally I think it's totally OK to charge for the precious work you do, whether it's painting, healing or passing on attunements.
Q: What if I am not sensitive to energy?
A: The best advice is to test it on someone else and then get their feedback. Just because you are not sensitive to the energy, does not mean that the energy is not there. I have talked to people that were not sensitive to energy but have received really good feedback from those they offered healing to. Eventually, it is my experience that all, sooner or later can learn to feel energy, in one way or another. Q: What's the difference between example Kundalini Reiki 2016 and 2017?
A: The number behind the attunement name is the version number. It was originally intended to follow the years, but as energy is shifting and rising quickly, it's now simply a version number, not connected to the year it seemsto represent. So basically Kundalini Reiki 2017 is a stronger version of Kundalini Reiki 2016. Do you need to upgrade? You decide. If you like any of the systems and want to use the strongest version, then you might consider upgrading.
Q: Are Usui Reiki and your Original Reiki system the same?
A: Even though the system outline is inspired by Usui and has the same symbols and stages of initiation, it is not the same. Usui received Reiki from its original
source and passed this on to his students. The energy in the Original Reiki system also comes directly from the Reiki’s original source, thereby bypassing Usui, and therefore, it was named Original Reiki.
Q: Any otheradvice you can give?
A: Yes, I have two final words of advice:
1. Don't generalize energy or people – we are all different! 2. If in doubt, experiment!

Original text written by Ole Gabrielsen and provided by and