Free Reiki Attunement


Please feel free to share this link with your close or distant friends and family. Enjoy!

NOTE: This is NOT the Usui lineage, but you'll be a Reiki 1-2-3 Reiki Master after listening to this audiofile and of course you'll have to practice what is in the manual. Experience will get you to your true Mastership. Your lineage will be: Ole Gabrielsen - Your name

With Good luck wishes from Ole Gabrielsen and

To receive the empowerment:

  1. Make sure you sit or lie down comfortably. Make sure nobody will disturb you!
  2. Play the mp3 file by pressing play on the video below.
    This will start the empowerment.    
    Headphones are recommended but not required.Listen to the sounds completely from start to end.
  3. When the mp3 ends you have received the empowerment and can immediately begin to use it.

    Please inform us that you have completed your attunement by giving us the date (your local time). We will then send you your manual with instructions of how to use the energies and how to attune others and much more. We will also send you a PDF-Certificate. Please send us your real name so that the certificate will be valid.

    Contact us here: or use the following form below without the phone number