This is a page where we answer some basic questions about our attunements.


Q: "What is the difference between "hands-on", distance attunements and MP3 attunements?"

A: Attunements are taken as remote, long-distance courses. There is no difference in the quality of attunements whether done “hands-on” or as a remote, long-distance attunement. With an MP3 audio attunement the embedded energy within the music is released and opens your channels to the frequency of the energy you are being attuned to. The difference is in the manner in which the attunements are done. The result and quality is the same. Much depends on how willing and open you are to receive the attunement, Just follow your instinctive gut feeling, find the right one for you that feels good and go for it.


"Are the Booster Empowerment energies now integrated into these new
attunements so that separate Boosters are no longer needed?"
A: Yes they are.