Archangel Raphael - Audio Deity Empowerment

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This is the Archangel Raphael Audio Deity Empowerment.

To receive a deity empowerment, is to become more aligned with that specific Deity/God/Goddess/Angel/Archangel/Elemental. It is an audio attunement session (just download the MP3+PDF notes after purchase), where your connection to a chosen Deity will be strengthened. This means, that your ability to work and channel the deity, will become much stronger. Anyone can work with the Deities without an empowerment. But receiving an empowerment can make a BIG difference! If you are sensitive to energies you will most likely notice, that your ability to connect, work and channel the energy of the deity/deities will be much improved. Made by Ole Gabrielsen.

To receive the empowerment after purchase:

Download the PDF here or

  1. Make sure you sit or lie down comfortably
  2. Play the mp3 file. This will start the empowerment
  3. When the mp3 ends you have received the empowerment and can immediately begin to use it.

Please read the course notes for more info.
Headphones are recommended but not required. 



Here are some basic examples, which could serve as inspiration. 

Distance healing 

1. See/visualize the name of the person you would like to heal in one of your hands. Or see the person as a miniature in your hand 

2. Cup both hands together. 

3. Think the name of the deity you would like to use, example "Kwan Yin". This will start the energy flow and last for 5-10 minutes. 

Hands on healing 

1. Place your hands on the persons shoulder. 

2. Think the name of the deity you would like to use. This will start the energy flow and usually last for 5-10 minutes. 

3. Done 

Mixing Herbs 

While mixing herbs, "see"/visualize the name of the deity you would like to use. You can also use a property/virtue, like protection, patience etc. 


You can use the same method, when inscribing candles. Visualize the name of the deity or a property/virtue you would like to use, while inscribing the candle.

Charging oils 

1. Place a small bottle in front of you. 

2. Say mentally or loud: "This oil will now become infused with the energy of (deity name)." 


"This oil will now become infused with the property of (ex protection)." 

4. Done 


Charge jewellery with the energy of your favourite patron or with a specific virtue. 

How to pass on the Empowerments 

IMPORTANT : Once you have received an empowerment, you are able to pass it on. 
This means that without the empowerment it will not work!!!  

1. Imagine/visualize that you are surrounded by the energy of the chosen deity, that is slowly becoming stronger and stronger…the force field is becoming brighter and brighter. Do this for 2-5 minutes. 
2. State mentally or loud: "(Name) will now receive the (deity empowerment)." or "(Name) will be attuned at (time) on (date) in his/her time zone for the (deity empowerment)." 
3. The attunement will then start and end after around 5-10 minutes. 

Deity Box 

This box will be a focus for one or more deities. You can write notes with healing requests, wishes, things or situations you would like to have manifested and place it in the box. You can also place crystals, jewellery, herbs etc. in it. 

1. Find a small box. Could be a cigar box. 

2. Write the name (or symbol) of the deity on one or more of the sides inside the box. While writing it's important to connect to the deity. Just visualize the name of the deity, while writing. Writing the name/symbol alone will only have little effect. 

3. The box is ready to use.